Carrom league frequently asked question

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

When you withdraw any amount more than ₹9,999 a TDS deduction of 30% gets implemented on the same as per the Income Tax Laws. You can claim whole TDS at the time of return filing.

Bank Details & KYC Verification

Your security is of utmost importance to us. Your KYC documents are the most authentic form of identification and it’s of paramount importance for you to verify your KYC details on our platform. Your Bank details hold an equal priority, so double check before you put in those numbers and IFSC.

Why money didn’t get credited into my account?

Don’t worry! Your money is yours. All the request will be processed with in 48 hours.

Is there any limit on withdrawal?

Yes! there is a lower limit. We will process your withdrawal only if you have Coins above INR200. There is no upper limit on how much you can earn or withdraw during the day.

How to withdraw my money!

You can withdraw your money by going into your user profile. You will see an option in User profile with the field name as “Withdraw Request”. You can withdrawal in your Paytm, Bank Account or through UPI in any manner you want by filling the requisite details.

I don’t have any friends to play and there is no one to play online.

Invite them to play Carrom League with you. You both will earn bonus coins which are redeemable in the future. Just share the link with them to have an awesome experience. Still you can play with our computer to enjoy your free time.

Can I challenge my friends and win money?

Yes! You can play with your friends in real money or free in whatever way you want.

How much can I earn in a day?

Very interesting question! Lets suppose you play a game of INR 100 for 8 Hours (normal working hours) and wins every time you play. Normally it takes around 6 min to complete a game of Carrom, in that time you can play total 80 number of games. If, you started with INR 100 only, you can win INR 6,400/- in a day (excluding 5% Bonus reward) that’s INR 1,92,000/- in a month. Do you still want to go and work your ass off in a real job? Earn with Fun Man.

I lost due to network issue. What should I do?

We are really sorry for that. We request you to play at the time and location when you have fully active network.

I won but the rewards coins are not credited into my Carrom League Wallet.

Don’t worry, our support team is here 24*7 to help you out. Just reach out to us in the help section or contact us section and provide the relevant details like your Phone number and User name. We will credit you the amount, if you have won.

Can I play free also?

Yes definitely, just choose Free in the beginner section at the time of playing “Online League” or “Play with Friends”. You can also play with the computer to improve your skills.

I don’t remember my password. What should I do?

Don’t worry. You can visit our website or mobile app and check ‘Forgot Password’ option in the login section to reset your password. A new screen would pop out and you should now enter your phone number in the space provided there. Once you have successfully submitted these details, we would send you a OTP to reset your password.

Why do I need to enter my Phone Number?

It’s nothing to be afraid of. We ask for your phone number because we need to ascertain your identity. Your phone number also helps you in many ways :-

  1. To withdraw your money through UPI or Paytm Money.
  2. Recovering your password through your number via OTP.
  3. To resolving your problem immediately.

We would also send you bonus coins and coupons regarding our latest promotions.

How do I create a new account on Carrom League?

It’s easy! You would only need a working email ID and a mobile number to get started. You can create a unique username, a password and then validate your phone number through a verification OTP from us that you would find in your inbox.

How do I play a game of Carrom at

We are glad you asked this question. Carrom League on our website is a simple and rewarding skill-based endeavour that you can learn in next to no time. You can get started with creating a new account by filling in your name, email ID and phone number on our website- and you’re good to go!


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